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Fred. S. Ferguson, D.D.S is a Professor in the Department of Children's Dentistry in the School of Dental Medicine. He also is Director of the Dental Care for the Disabled Program, Director of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Program, and Director of the Cranial Facial Cleft Palate Center. He operates a web site at, which educates and informs women and children about good dental care practices.

Specific areas of expertise: Oral health concerns for pediatric and special needs patients.

Lorne M. Golub, D.M.D., M.Sc., M.D. (honorary) is a Distinguished Professor of Oral Biology and Pathology in the School of Dental Medicine. He is world renowned for his research which has focused on connective tissue abnormalities as causes of periodontal and other oral diseases and on new treatments based on the discovery of drugs able to block collagen-destructive enzymes. These efforts led to the development of Periostat , the first dental drug ever developed at a SUNY institution approved by the FDA for marketing in 1998. His more recent research has been directed at the therapeutic potential of tetracyclines as enzyme inhibitors, not only for treatment of oral diseases, but also showing evidence of efficacy against heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and post-menopausal osteoporosis.

Specific areas of expertise: Periodontal disease, collagen metabolism, the role of tetracyclines and their chemically-modified non-antibiotic analogs as enzyme inhibitors in oral and medical diseases.

Israel Kleinberg, D.D.S, Ph.D., is Chair of the Department of Oral Biology Department in the School of Dental Medicine. For over 30 years, has conducted research that has made unique and important contributions to understanding dental decay, saliva, dental plaque, and periodontal disease. He holds over 60 patents for treatments related to oral diseases and was part of a research collaboration that discovered a way to deliver an oral mixture to reduce halitosis, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

Specific areas of expertise: Oral treatments to reduce potential for disease, including tooth decay. Periodontitis. Gingivitis.

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