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Agreement Reached Between Stony Brook University and Three Village Soccer Club

Mar 11, 2013 - 4:30:00 PM

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STONY BROOK, NY, March 11, 2013 – Stony Brook University and the Three Village Soccer Club (3VSC) have reached an agreement on the usage of the athletic fields near the South P lot that satisfies the ongoing athletic needs of both students and the community.
Under the terms of the new agreement, Stony Brook University students will have primary use of permanently designated, and newly refurbished, athletic fields while the 3VSC will continue to have access to newly created fields consisting of about the same amount of acreage as before. The 3VSC will also have an opportunity to use the newly refurbished fields when they are not in use by students, subject to availability.
“We believe this agreement is very responsive to our students expressed needs and at the same time responsive to the community,” said Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD.
“I can say that without a doubt, sport clubs here at Stony Brook University are ecstatic to finally have access to quality field space that will meet the recreational needs of our growing student body,” said Derek Cope, USG vice president of academic affairs and president of the Sport Clubs Council. “I am excited and optimistic about future collaborations between students and the members of the Three Village Soccer Club as it will lead to a sense of community that exemplifies the ideals of teamwork, kindness, and leadership development.”
That new synergy has already begun. Stony Brook students will be refereeing 3VSC games and are looking forward to expanding the relationship into other opportunities such as coaching and mentoring young players.
The new agreement builds on the 30-year partnership between Stony Brook University and the Three Village community. During this time, the University’s student population has nearly doubled and student athletic participation has also dramatically increased. There are now 29 on-campus sports clubs and intramural teams.
The growth in student population, coupled with the growing popularity of University club sports had resulted in a severe shortage of available field space for students. Prior to the new agreement, the 3VSC used 25.7 acres and the Division I athletics program used 13.4 acres, with only 6.7 acres available for student sports clubs, intramural teams and recreational use. Under the new agreement, student sports clubs will enjoy more than double the amount of field space previously available to them. The amount of field space available to 3VSC will remain about the same.
Motivated by the students’ ever-increasing need for field space, the University and 3VSC officials worked for many months to resolve this issue and have successfully done so for the benefit of all concerned.
This new agreement enables Stony Brook students to enjoy a rich, well-rounded campus experience while giving the 3VSC the space they need to practice and compete.
“We were very aware of the Three Village Soccer Club’s stake in this process and recognize our role as a partner in the community and how important it is to the Club, and by extension the community,” said Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD. “We want to welcome the community to enjoy the campus — without it being at the expense of our student needs and their campus life experience at Stony Brook.”
Senator John Flanagan, who represents the University and the surrounding communities is currently working to secure funding to help pay for improvements to the fields that will be utilized by 3VSC. Other than this possible state grant, the University is bearing the renovation costs for 3VSC fields and student fees will support the renovation of the student fields.
The permit, retroactive to September 1, 2012 and running through August 31, 2018, is for five years with automatic renewal for five additional years provided there is no cause for non-renewal.
“On behalf of the players, coaches and parents of the Three Village Soccer Club, I want to express my deep appreciation and thanks to President Stanley and the members of his staff who have worked with us to ensure access to the fields and at the same time provide new recreational space for the students,” said Mitchell H. Pally, President of the Three Village Soccer Club. “I also want to thank Assemblyman Steve Englebright for his support during the negotiation process. The Three Village Soccer Club looks forward to an ever expanding relationship with the University.”  


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